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: New Off Topic Sub Forum: Every Day Heroes

03-06-2011, 07:51 PM
As you can see, Off Topic has a new sub forum, Every Day Heroes. The purpose of this sub forum is to shine light on those people around us, who have done extraordinary and positive things. Usually, when we think of heroes, we generally envision soldiers, police or firemen performing acts of heroism. And these people, and stories, certainly deserve inclusion here. But in a broader sense, it will bring to our attention people that have done, and do, great things of positive impact in relative anonymity. Some past examples like this in my community have included, a local high school wrestler who lost in the waning seconds of the county championship finals. He was born with no legs. Another local student that had never missed a day for her entire K-12 school career. And a gentleman who coached Little League for 40 years and had a ball field named after him. We all have examples like this in our communities. It is the hope and purpose of this forum to share the positive examples set forth by these amazing individuals. So please, take the time to share the stories of the heroes and role models from your town, county and state. Or anywhere in the world for that matter. And let's try hard to make this a place where we can come to, and leave with, a little better feeling about the world we live in, and.........the people in it.