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: JD 4010 Injection Pump Rebuild

10-05-2010, 03:55 PM
Hello, I have been researching for several hours and have run across some extremely helpful info on this site. It appears that jdemaris should win a "guru-status" award for his posts regarding Stanadyne injection pumps. Those posts have already answered most of my questions, although a few remain.

I am repairing my JD 4010's injection pump, the Stanadyne DBGVC 631--1AJ, and am pondering whether the parts are common among these Stanadynes, or whether there are various blade sets, seal kits, pilot tunes, etc. for these pumps.

More specifically, will the parts which jdemaris suggested back in August 2010 for a JDB431 pump on a JD 310A, fit my 4010's DBGVC 631?

The JDB part numbers determined for that pump were:

Blade Set 32768 $13.32
Valve 15830 $13
Pilot Tube 16320 $8.14
Rebuild Kit 24371 $13.39
Governor Metal 29111 $45.37

Can anyone confirm that these JDB numbers are the same numbers I would use on my DBGVC 631.

Also, I understand that the vanes or blades part #32768 is an upgrade of #20803 (Spaco 090528) for low-sulfur fuels. Is this correct? Will the #32768 substitute for the #20803? Any reason not to buy the #32768 instead of the #20803?

Same query for the seal kit #06886 - any reason to not buy that instead of kit #24371.

If you are aware of any mismatch between the above parts and my pump, or if I have omitted some part that may be needed, I would appreciate a heads up.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.