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: Lawn Chief Hydro 545

Rusty Jones
07-31-2010, 11:24 PM
I was given the lawn tractor as named above. I don't want to part it out, if somebody has the parts i need and will sell them.

I need the main drive pulley that fits on the shaft in the top of the trans-axle, and also the plastic fan. The belt is ok. The splines in the pulley have stripped out. The clip that holds the pulley has flown off somewhere!
Tentative part numbers are: Drive pulley: 095370. Fan number: 115493. I have no number for the clip/ retainer that holds the pulley on. But, i need it, too. Main drive belt number, on belt, is: 17125 and 7540226.
Any help will be warmly received. The tractor is in fine condition. Thanks: Rusty Jones

Rusty Jones
08-31-2010, 11:04 PM
Well, since i haven't received any replies--i have been wondering this: Could i use the old offending pulley, by drilling it, threading the hole, then screwing in a bolt, with a lock nut on it, and filing a flat spot on the input shaft that the pulley fits on?
Yes, i could probably change the tranny, using a Craftsman 6-speed. would take some finagling, but it could be done, i think. I have two of them just setting here, waiting to be used.
I think i will wait for winter to try that work.:thThumbsU

08-31-2010, 11:26 PM
Post a photo of your Chief. Was it built by Murray or was it a True Value/Cotter and Co. machine. Could be another manufacturer as well but the other names escape me. There are alot of good guys around here so post model and serial numbers of the machine and if it was built by Murray I'll move it over to that forum so you can get more hits.

Rusty Jones
08-31-2010, 11:32 PM
Tomorrow I will get the info you asked for, and post it here. Thanks: Rusty Jones

Rusty Jones
09-01-2010, 10:30 AM
Recently, i read that the tractor named above was not built by Murray, but by another company, and badged as a: True Value Lawn Chief/ Hydro Lawn tractor. Model 545 Power Plus riding lawn mower.
Thats all i know about it.
Here are the parts i need:
1. The pulley on the input shaft on the tranny: Part number: 095370, a vee pulley.
2. The plastic fan that goes under the pulley: Part number: 115493

3. The retainer ring, that holds the pulley on the transmission input shaft. Part number: 620807

I tried an after-market pulley, but the splines were different, too many splines to fit the input shaft. It was from the Stens catalog. I also accessed the Tuff-Torque web-site, and they informed me that they no longer support any parts for that tractor, nor its components! I also found that MTD had bought out that model of lawn tractor.
The pulley i tried on the transmission input shaft is one i found in a Stens catalog, in belts, pulleys, and idlers. But not being able to see the number of splines before-hand, i found the pulley had much smaller and more splines than i needed. My parts supplier offered to try to sell it for me, but i'll just put it in stock.
So, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rusty Jones, The Mower Man.

09-01-2010, 02:43 PM
My "Rotary" paryts catalog only shows blade spindle pulleys with splines,none splined for transaxles,but they might still fit?..some are 9/16" splined and others are 5/8".but they range from 5 to 7" in diameter,which may not be large enough?..they dont give the spline count either unfortunately..

As a last resort you could do like you said,try grinding a flat spot for a set screw to bite into,or drill into the shaft a bit--but I'd keep looking for something else with splines that match could always graft the correct splined hub off something else onto a pulley..if your not against spending a few bucks to fix it right,one of those "weld-A-Pulley" hubs could be splined at a machine shop and welded to your old pulley or a new one...

Rusty Jones
09-01-2010, 07:29 PM
We've been having California desert weather here in W. PA., and if or when it cools off, i'm going to go to several junk yards that have lawn and garden tractor sections.
What is the "Weld-a-pulley" thing you mentioned? And, if i count the splines in the pulley, is that the normal thing/way to identify the splined area? As it is, the splined area almost looks like a separate insert, placed in the pulley hub. Is there a possibility that there might be replacement inserts available?
I used an old wrench socket that fit the insert, if it is that, and i think it might have moved a bit, when i hit it with a BFH!
I think i'll move it back outside, jack it up out of the driveway area, and take the tranny out of it completely.
And then, i'll move the nice red, Craftsman tractor in and remove the tranny from it. Its a hydro that has a bad sound when i try to drive it. I don't have much invested in it--$50. got a new battery from it, good wheels and tires, a Vanguard engine, and other parts. The tranny will be a winter project. Something to keep me away from the G.O.W.!
Thanks for all of the help and advice. RJ

09-01-2010, 10:17 PM

Take a look at this link. If any one matches your machine you can download the manuals for free.
Google search Lawn Chief 545 Hydro and loads of stuff comes up.

Rusty Jones
09-08-2010, 10:50 PM
Well, folks, thanks for all of the suggestions! But--i went to the JD Dealer today, about 40 miles from home, and told the parts counter guys about my problem. They brought out several parts from stock, but nothing they had would work.
But: They went out back to their junk parts section, and came in with a splined pulley and two fans, and gave them to me for FREE!! So, i installed the pulley and fan, and i'm quite sure it will soon be done. Just have to install the belt, and idler pulley. Then a good clean-up!
That dealer is named: Maple Mountain John Deere Tractors, on Rte 356, west of Butler, PA.
Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice!
Rusty Jones::thThumbsU

09-08-2010, 10:55 PM
Good news, glad you got it sorted out.

Rusty Jones
09-17-2010, 09:39 PM
Yep, it works great! Thanks to all who offered and gave ideas and help! I mowed the back yard and the side yard and had a few adjustments to make, and a good clean up. And, a man stopped and asked if i want to sell it. I told him i'd think about it. And since my old truck needs a muffler and state safety inspection, he might just get to purchase it. I'm over-run with used machinery and winter is coming along soon!
And, so the inspection cost $50 and the muffler $50, i think i'll call him tomorrow!