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: John Deere F935

04-08-2010, 10:49 AM
I am pretty new to the forum and so far so good I just recently purchased a John Deere F935 for the amazing price on $50. But only one catch... somebody cut the rear harness out right behind the seat but left about 1 inch tail at each electrial connection. Other then that the tractor is complete. I want to try and fire it up this weekend. I need some help figureing out if I can just reconnect the wires where I think they should run to. I dont really want to spend alot of money at this point right now. If I can get it running and moving then I will go ahead and probbly replace the harness. From what I could find the harness is somewhere in the range of $1k. A big spend to find out that the engine or hydro is shot. Does anybody happen to have a wiring diagram or possibly take some pictures so i can replicate the rear of the harness. Any help would be great as I am in a little rush to try and get this thing running. Thanks Chris

If anybody also knows anybody parting one out that would be great too.